oOh! DataScience is our global-leading data and insights capability arming advertisers with the tools to inform campaign relevance, capture campaign delivery, and power unmissable impact and results.

Data science encompasses industry leading tools to deliver unparalleled breadth, depth and quality of audience insight at location; industry and market profiling; audience measurement; creative effectiveness; and access to the largest database of ROI norms in Australia, to inform truly unmissable Out of Home campaigns.


Smart Reach

Modibodi used a bespoke consumer segment and oOh!’s Smart Reach tool for their first integrated Out of Home campaign to design an optimised advertising schedule reaching 74% of the new segment in Sydney. The data also enabled oOh! to index and rank shopping centres, enabling the selection of the three specific centres for Modibodi pop-up stores.

Smart Reach is a global-first planning tool leveraging our Data Science capability to reach on average 25% more of your buyer audience.  There is no other planning tool like this globally in the Out of Home landscape.

Powered by over two trillion data points, Smart Reach accesses the movement and shopping behaviours of 80% of Australians based on de-identified and aggregated data.  The combination of this demographic, psychographic and buyergraphic data across 500+ audience segments is mapped against each of our 35,000+ Out of Home locations.

In short Smart Reach delivers access to more relevant audiences so that our clients can optimise their campaigns across our network for an optimum ROI.

66% of brands that achieved significant growth did so by increasing penetration of category shoppers* – Source: Analytic Partners, 2019

Taking a category buyer approach is proven to deliver nearly twice the ROI than targeting traditional demographics – Source: Analytic Partners, 2019


Data Science Research and Audience Measurement

Because understanding how people think allows us to give back to clients and the broader industry, our data science platform extends to industry-endorsed audience measurements and independent third-party research.

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